Inspiration: Meet the artist, Jaime Zuverza.

all posters,

all posters,


The question I probably get asked the most about the label - “who does your artwork!?”

I’d be a fool to not acknowledge the power of the Astral Spirits artwork and design (and truly props go to Mason McFee for the initial design/template/logo work on Astral Spirits back in 2014. Inspiration post forthcoming on him as well) has had on the entire trajectory and appeal of the label.

Jaime Zuverza has been doing the artwork for Astral tapes, CD’s, and LP’s since Batch 14 which came out in September of 2017 and his work has left an indelible mark ever since. Those first four tapes he did might not be my favorite ones (every new one he does is my favorite), but they are seared into my memory remembering how good they looked together — for reference Arrignton De Dionsyo & Ted Byrnes, Nakatani/Kawabata/Chou, Matthew Lux Communication Arts Quartet & Billington/Shippy/Wyche. I met Jaime initially through his music — if you don’t know his band Hidden Ritual you’re missing out — and through seeing his amazing show posters around Austin for a while now.

Spend some time and dig through his website, you’ll not only find some great Astral albums but also albums by Wooden Shjips, Al Lover, Sympathy for Mr Vengence soundtrack, Holy Wave, Octopus Project and so many more. Zuverza is in pretty high demand these days and I count myself lucky that my little label is fortunate enough to have such an amazing artist on board.

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