Alcorn / McPhee /Vandermark "Invitation To A Dream"

Alcorn / McPhee /Vandermark "Invitation To A Dream"

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Susan Alcorn -- Pedal Steel Guitar 
Joe McPhee -- Soprano Saxophone & Pocket Trumpet 
Ken Vandermark -- Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet 

01. Invitation To A Dream
02. Every Season Has Its Reason
03. I Am Because You Are
04. Bing Says Ming
05. The Eyes of Memory
06. Rise and Rise

Recorded by Ian Rundell September 13th, 2017 in Austin, TX. 
Produced, mixed & mastered by Alan Jones at Laminal Audio. 
Cover Art by Bill Nace. 
Layout by Bill Nace & Rosali Middleman 

Compositions written by Susan Alcorn (UMA Sounds, ASCAP), Joe McPhee (JOMAC Publishing, ASCAP), & Ken Vandermark (Twenty First Mobile Music, ASCAP - Cien Fuegos) 

We lovingly dedicate this album to refugees, immigrants, and the persecuted wherever they may be.

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