Crazy Bread "Vocoder Divorce"

Crazy Bread "Vocoder Divorce"




01. Feeling Proof-Plasmic
02. Zero Sympathy For Satanists
03. Chiasto Mirror
04. Drug Facts
05. Scraps Captain

All takes recorded live at Randall, 03/22/17. Presented without Overdubs.
Mixed & Mastered by MATT SAGE.

Layout & Design by Jaime Zuverza.

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Astral Spirits is proud to present the debut release from the new duo Crazy Bread, which is Ryley Walker (yes, that Ryley Walker) and Max Allison (Mukqs, Good Willsmith, Hausu Mountain). Vocoder Divorce was recorded in one day without any overdubs and entirely from guitar & a cassette deck.

Max Allison describes the process and end results of said session, "All of the sessions on this tape were recorded live and are presented as is without overdubs. For this recording, Ryley plays guitar and pedals, and I'm playing a cassette deck from which I play back and distort the output of many synths and drum machines - processed through a multi-track looping station.
We tried to play through many different styles within the context of this one release - styles including skronking free-jazz electronics + guitar mangling, hushed drone ambience, "krautrock," abstracted barely musical guitar scrape a la Derek Bailey, and one track (Zero Sympathy for Satanists) where Ryley solos over my spastic foundation of looped classic rock samples. All these styles are tied together by the basic live improv presentation - and by our general interests as musicians and listeners."

It's hard to truly describe whats happening on this record, as soon as you get comfortable in one track it ends and you're catapulted into an entirely different direction. It's a beautiful racket that defies categorization and some would say is almost a modern day take on something akin to Alterations (Beresford/Toop/Cusack/Day). Free improv without expectations and with exciting results.