Nealand / Marquette / Hatwich / Thibodeaux "Kobra Quartet"

Nealand / Marquette / Hatwich / Thibodeaux "Kobra Quartet"


Aurora Nealand — Accordion, Alto Saxophone, Voice, Objects
Steve Marquette — Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Anton Hatwich — Bass
Paul Thibodeaux — Drums

01. New Omens (Pt. I)
02. New Omens (Pt. II)
03. Telly Attire

Recorded by Dave Zuchowski
Mixed & Produced by Jeff Albert & Steve Marquette.
Mastered by Jeff Albert

Recorded at a concert held at the Hungry Brain in Chicago, IL on September 9th, 2018 as a part of the Instigation Festival.

Thanks to Josh Berman, Mike Reed & Dan at the Hungry Brain.
Special Thanks to Dave & Paula Marquette, Kim Alpert, Brad Walker and to the listeners.

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